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Tattoo Removal Program

What Is the Tattoo Removal Program?

The Tattoo Removal Program is designed to help individuals make positive changes in their lives by removing symbols of past negative behaviors and actions associated with gang and drug activities. This program coordinates tattoo removal with other social support services.

The Tattoo Removal Program is funded by Washington Hospital and is a joint effort with Second Chance, and CURA treatment and recovery services.

Tattoos are removed using a laser process that breaks up the pigment of the tattoo, which causes the tattoo to fade over the course of several treatments. There is no monetary fee for individuals enrolled in the program.


  • Residency in Fremont, Newark, Union City, South Hayward, or unincorporated Sunol.
  • Visible gang tattoos, or tattoos that impede employment opportunities.
  • Must come into the program willingly. We do not take court mandatory referrals.
  • Individuals that miss three or more consecutive clinic sessions will be removed from the program.

For more information about the tattoo removal program, please call 510.818.7009.