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Institute for Joint Restoration & Research

2000 Mowry Ave.
Fremont, CA 94538
Telephone: 888.494.7003

Washington Hospital's Institute for Joint Restoration and Research has been established to provide Washington Township Health Care District residents with the latest proven surgical and rehabilitation protocols for hip, knee and shoulder joint replacement, rehabilitation and research.

The Institute was established by Washington Hospital in June 2012 to serve as a Center of Excellence with the goal of advancing the field of knee and hip joint replacement through research, education and clincial outcome improvements. In 2020 the Institute introduced treatment options for shoulders. The Institute is modeled on similar Centers of Excellence at other leading U.S. hospitals.

The Institute grew out of Washington Hospital's Center for Joint Replacement, long recognized by various health organizations for outstanding work in the field of joint replacement. Under the co-medical directorship of Dr. John Dearborn and Dr. Alexander Sah, the Institute's goals are to improve patient outcomes and eliminate variations in care by maximizing efficiency, thereby reducing the cost of care delivery.

The Institute is open to all patients whose physicians meet the participation criteria and agree to utilize the Institute's surgical and patient care protocols. Among the requirements, a surgeon must perform 150 joint replacements annually, an average of three per week. This requirement is based on clear evidence that higher volume is associated with improved patient outcomes. Patients must meet the clinical criteria for becoming a joint-replacement candidate and agree to participate in the Institute's research protocols. The Institute is covered by most health insurance programs and accepts Medicare and Medi-Cal patients.

Mission Statement of the Institute for Joint Restoration and Research

The Institute is committed to collecting high-quality and relevant data about hip, knee and shoulder joint replacement surgery and the outcomes of current techniques. The Institute‘s extensive research database provides the foundation for clinical research. In a continuous quest to improve the quality of care and ensure superior patient experiences, the Institute will support and enable related research, and subsequently monitor and report outcomes of the studies. The Institute is also committed to patient education as an important aspect of care and provides the tools and most up to date information to best inform the community of current joint replacement practice. Furthermore, the specialized techniques and ongoing research activities of the Institute will contribute to the learning of fellow surgeons, both locally and nationally.

For more information on the CMS Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model, go to

See Our State-of-the-Art Facility

The Institute is located in the new Center for Joint Replacement building, which is adjacent to the main hospital building. The facility is ideally suited to the needs of our patients and features private patient rooms, lots of natural light and a beautiful setting.

Better Results Through Clinical Research

Joint replacement care is provided to every patient in a highly personal and compassionate manner. The team of surgeons, physicians and clinical staff are committed to advancing the joint replacement field through clinical research and constant improvements to promote the best possible patient outcomes.

Meet Our Staff

At the Institute for Joint Restoration and Research, our talented team of physicians, physician assistants, nurses and therapists work together in delivering the very best care.

The Patient Experience

Learn why the patient experience at the Institute for Joint Restoration and Research is second to none.

Types of Surgery

Interested in the details of minimally invasive joint replacement surgery? Dr. John Dearborn and Dr. Alexander Sah explains the procedures in greater detail - click on the links below to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about the Institute for Joint Restoration and Research, and the criteria physicians must meet to join the IJRR, we invite you to visit the IJRR FAQs page.

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