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Occupational Medicine

Washington Hospital Well For Work Program
2000 Mowry Avenue
Fremont, CA 94538
Phone: 510.818.7320

Washington Hospital's Well For Work occupational medicine program is an integrated, comprehensive source for health services used by businesses of all types and sizes. If your employees are not well, business suffers. If business suffers, the bottom line of your company suffers. Between managing costs, meeting different regulations, and staying competitive, you've got enough to worry about. You need an occupational health program that delivers.

Well For Work is a single source for occupational health services that can save your business money, keep you informed, and work toward improved employee health and safety. The Washington Well For Work team is committed to maintaining the trust and confidence you have learned to expect from the Washington Township Health Care District.

A single source of occupational health services for companies of all types and sizes

Managing a successful business is a constant challenge. You work hard balancing all the building blocks required for a healthy company - maintaining a positive bottom line, staying competitive, controlling costs and complying with a mountain of paperwork.

Your employees' good health and safety is another cornerstone to business success. In this time of high expectations and complex regulations, you need an expert partner you can trust to help manage all your occupational health needs.

Full Service - Easy to Reach

Our full-service occupational health program is founded on the commitment and experience of the Washington Township Health Care District, which has provided quality care and service to the people and businesses of this region since 1948. Whether it's a knowledgeable occupational health consultant, a caring and efficient primary care provider, or the extensive training and facilities of specialty care, Well For Work's flexible program has all the necessary resources. With our convenient locations, you and your employees are never far from the help you need.

A Partnership Built on Confidence

Well For Work understands the demands you face in keeping your employees healthy and on the job. Because prompt, accurate communication is a key building block to effective occupational health services, we've designed programs that coordinate all aspects of care, promote fast return to work, and keep you fully aware of your employee's health status.

Our board-certified physicians understand the unique aspects of their field and are readily available to communicate with you. With extensive experience monitoring and reporting on-the-job injuries, they appreciate the importance of returning employees to modified or full duty as soon as it is safe.

You can also trust us to understand the importance of controlling costs. Over time, your greatest savings will come through your partnership with Well For Work. Together, we can cost-effectively manage your company's occupational health needs and reduce health and safety costs while improving your employees' overall health.

    For more information about the Well for Work program, please call 510.818.7320

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