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Mission & Values

Mission Statement

As the local Health Care District, our mission is to meet the health care needs of the District residents through medical services, education and research.

Within this scope, Washington Township Health Care District is committed to assuming the leadership role in improving and maintaining the health status of the residents by:

  • Identifying and assessing community health care needs.
  • Developing mechanisms to respond to the identified need within the financial capabilities of the District.
  • Committing to a culture of patient safety and accountability.
  • Adopting identified best practices.
  • Providing access to high quality, cost-effective health services through an integrated delivery system.
  • Partnering with a diverse medical staff, academic medical centers and other providers to meet the health care needs of District residents.
  • Providing appropriate employee, professional and community educational resources to enhance patient care and health promotion throughout the District.


To support the fulfillment of the mission, the District's strategic vision is to be the regional medical center of choice in Southern Alameda County offering quality services that span the full range of care within the available financial resources.

Resolved by the Board of Directors, Washington Township Health Care District, April 22, 2020.

Values Statement

  • Our organizational values stem directly from the origins of the Hospital District in 1948. The District was formed to provide access to patient care services for the residents of the Township, at a time when people had to leave their community and travel significant distances to find hospital care. The District serves its community by providing high quality, affordable and convenient care. We are committed not only in law, but in spirit to local accountability.
  • Healthcare is an intensely personal service. Underlying all that we offer is the recognition that healthcare is not a commodity. Our essential purpose is to improve the human condition. Our reason for being begins and ends with our patients and our community, and we are committed to a "patient first" ethic. To our patients we owe comfort, compassion and whenever possible, a cure. Our efforts are focused not just on individuals and families, but also on the overall health of the community.
  • It is our obligation to provide responsible stewardship of our resources, acting in all areas of our healthcare system with integrity, professionalism and with respect for a patient's right to choice.
  • To our fellow employees, volunteers and members of our medical staff we owe a commitment to perform all of our responsibilities with loyalty, perseverance, self-discipline and dependability. We achieve these goals through our organizational commitment to innovation, process improvements and pursuit of excellence.