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Gestational Diabetes Management

Washington Hospital Healthcare System's Diabetes Program is a California Diabetes and Pregnancy Program Gestational Diabetes Management affiliate. We work with women who have diabetes and wish to become pregnant or those experiencing gestational diabetes. Our program follows the Gestational Diabetes Management Guidelines for Care. With a referral, you will see a registered nurse and registered dietitian.

To expedite your visit, please complete these Health Survey and Stress Check forms, print out and bring to your appointment. Plan to arrive 10 minutes early to allow for parking.

It is our priority to teach you how to quickly control diabetes to minimize the risk for pregnancy complications associated with uncontrolled diabetes. Our caring team is knowledgeable and specifically trained in the care of gestational diabetes. We help reduce the stress of the diagnosis by providing blood glucose monitors on-site for your convenience, and by collaborating with our behavioral specialist as needed.

If you had gestational diabetes when you were pregnant, you and your child have a lifelong risk for getting diabetes. Because of this risk, you would need to be tested for diabetes six weeks after your baby was born with an oral glucose tolerance test, then every one to two years. You can delay or prevent type 2 diabetes if you lose a small amount of weight and become more active.

Your children can lower their risk if they don't become overweight. Serve them healthy foods and help them to be more active.
Call 510.818.6556 for more information.

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