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Diabetes Management Program

Individual assessments and group classes for people and their families who live with diabetes are available through our outpatient Diabetes Program.

We follow the International Diabetes Center's curriculum which provides easy-to-understand information, and covers the standards of care. The Diabetes Self-Management Therapy Program and our staff put you first by focusing on need-to-know information and skills that guide you to successful diabetes self-management. Participants who have completed the Diabetes Self-Management Therapy Program have reduced their A1C blood test values (the gold standard 3-month glucose level) to less than 7% more than 90% of the time.

Diabetes Self-Management Therapy Program classes start weekly. You will need a referral from your physician to begin this program. Click on the Physician Referral Form, print out, and bring to discuss with your physician. If you already have an appointment, please click on the Health Survey Form, print out, and bring it to your appointment along with your insurance cards, your glucose monitor (if you have one) and any medications you take. Plan to arrive 10 minutes early to allow for parking.

Many health plans cover diabetes education, so it's best to call to find out your coverage.

The Diabetes Self-Management Therapy Programis a comprehensive approach at teaching everything you need to live successfully with diabetes:

  • An individualized diet plan, carbohydrate counting, general nutrition principals, tips on eating out and how to handle alcohol
  • Blood glucose monitoring, figuring out glucose patterns, when to call the doctor
  • Exercise, medications
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol control
  • Dealing with stress, staying out of the hospital, and foot/eye/dental care
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