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What You Can Expect at the IJRR

At the Institute for Joint Restoration and Research, Washington Hospital and the Dearborn-Sah Institute for Joint Restoration bring seamless continuity to joint care patients, from the first office visit through surgery and rehabilitation to your post-surgery semiannual check-ups — all your care is under the same roof.

Before Your Stay

Shortly after you schedule your surgery, you will receive a packet of educational materials, including:

  • Detailed hip and knee diagrams
  • Information about your surgery and recovery
  • Descriptions of important rehabilitation exercises
The strength of our joint replacement program lies in education. We spend the needed time to educate our patients prior to their surgery about what to expect before, during and after.” ~ Alisa Curry, P.T., D.P.T., P.T. Clinical Coordinator

At Your Pre-op Appointment

During your appointment, you will be asked about your medical history and you will sign any applicable consent forms. You may have tests and lab work performed, as ordered by your surgeon. These tests are done to check your current state of health and prepare you for your surgery.

You will be asked to bring the following items to your pre-op appointment:

  • Your medications in prescription bottles along with a current list of your medications including inhalers, vitamins, supplements and over the counter medications. Your list should include exact dosages, time and frequency.
  • Current insurance cards or information
  • Advance medical directive, if you have one
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing

Your doctor will advise you about:

  • Taking aspirin, ibuprofen, other blood thinning products or vitamins
  • Preparing for your lab work - do you need to fast, refrain from taking medications, or other restrictions prior to testing

You will be given specific information about what time an where to report for your surgery, as well as what you should bring with you.

During Your Stay

​You will participate in group therapy classes, along with other joint replacement patients, which have been specifically designed for the smoothest, most comfortable recovery. Family members are encouraged to participate as “coaches” during the therapy classes. While at the Center, we encourage you to wear your own clothes, which helps eliminate the hospital “inpatient” feeling and facilitates the “wellness” concept.

As a member of your own “care team,” it’s important that you understand what’s going to happen and your role. We have found that proper expectations ensure a rapid and successful recovery. Most patients stay one to two days after a first-time hip or knee replacement, and two to four days after revision or bilateral replacements.

After Your Stay

If you require additional physical therapy after discharge, home health care agencies and outpatient rehabilitation services easily and expediently arrange continued rehabilitation services. Resources offered share our wellness approach and complement what has been accomplished in the hospital, creating continuity of care.

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