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Pregnancy Tips

  • "Recreational" drugs? Not during pregnancy. Alcohol, cigarettes, and all "recreational" drugs are strictly off-limits during pregnancy, as they can cause birth defects even in small amounts.
  • Are hot tubs and saunas safe? Pregnant women should use extreme caution with hot tubs and saunas. Long exposure to high temperatures can lead to birth defects, particularly during early pregnancy.
  • Ask before you medicate during pregnancy. Some prescription and over-the-counter medications can harm your fetus, especially if taken early in your pregnancy. Check with your OB office.
  • Beautiful you: a comfortable bra is a must during pregnancy.
  • Beautiful you: Keep feet happy during pregnancy? It may be hard to believe, but your feet may grow a half size to a full size during the nine months that you are pregnant.
  • Beautiful you: Skin changes are common in pregnancy. Splotchy skin, itching, or a dark line running straight down your tummy are all symptoms of skin changes that are very common during pregnancy.
  • Beautiful you: Hair color. It is impossible to absolutely guarantee that coloring your hair during pregnancy is safe. However, it's also true that there's no evidence to indicate that hair dye causes birth defects.
  • Caffeine is found in coffee, tea, cola and other drinks, and even chocolate. It is a stimulant that affects both mother and baby. Most physicians recommend a drastic reduction in caffeine consumption—ask yours.
  • Get serious about dental care. Pregnancy can cause certain gum problems, which should be treated right away. Routine dental care should preferably be scheduled during the second trimester.
  • Say "no" to kitty litter - Toxoplasmosis is a common infection that can cause severe harm to a fetus. Contact with kitty litter or eating uncooked or underdone meat are among common causes.
  • STDs pose special risks during pregnancy. Preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is very important to you and your baby before and during pregnancy.
  • Herbal supplement during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester, should be discussed with your physician.
  • To X-ray or not to X-ray? Most doctors prefer that you avoid any X-rays during the first trimester when your baby's organs are being formed.
  • Your prenatal office visits are a time to learn. Follow a regular schedule of prenatal checkups to help prevent certain problems and to catch others early, while they can be corrected.
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