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Family Members

New Dads, siblings, and even grandparents may need a little extra time to get used to their new roles.

  • From preparation to the day of the birth, couples need to decide how dad can be involved. From preparing a nursery to cutting the umbilical cord, there are many ways for dad to feel like he is part of the preparation for the arrival of the newest family member.
  • Prenatal visits and childbirth classes offer great opportunities to better understand the birthing process and what to expect when you get home.
  • Sibling preparation is important for a smooth transition. There are classes and books to help new big sisters or brothers feel like they have an important upcoming role.
  • Though new parents may need time to adjust to their new roles, fostering good relationships with grandparents is important. If you had a special relationship with a grandparent or other older relative, then you know how enriching this can be.
  • Grandparents can also offer much-needed time
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