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Heyer Sisters

  • Author: Sukhdeep Heyer
  • Date Submitted: Mar 19, 2021

heyer sistersFor the Heyer sisters, an academic medical center and a community hospital came together at the right time.

Washington Hospital and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals are teaming up to bring you outstanding health care in our community.

Just ask Sukhdeep Heyer of Union City. Her two daughters, 5-year-old Simran and 11-year-old Sukahmangit both had contracted very bad cases of influenza (the flu). They became so severely dehydrated that their pediatrician, Dr. Patrick Burke, advised Mrs. Heyer to bring the girls to Washington Hospital. Once there, the sisters were admitted and cared for by UCSF pediatricians. They were both given IV hydration and carefully monitored for their fever. Simran spent one night at the Hospital while Sukahmangit was there for two nights. Their mother was speechless with gratitude for the excellent treatment and attention she and her girls received at the Hospital. This new affiliation of award-winning hospitals came together to bring the best health care to the Heyer family, and to everyone who is cared for at Washington Hospital.