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Avery’s Story

  • Author: Jennifer Lo
  • Date Submitted: Mar 19, 2021

An academic medical center and a community hospital came together to become baby Avery’s health care team.

Washington Hospital and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals are teaming up to bring you outstanding health care in our community.

Jennifer Lo’s daughter Avery was born somewhat prematurely at 37 weeks. She was unable to maintain a healthy blood sugar level without intervention, so she was transferred to Washington Special Care Nursery which is staffed by a UCSF neonatologist. After a few days baby Avery was supposed to go home, but her nurse saw that she had apnea -- a condition where a baby “forgets” to breathe which can occur in preemies. She stayed in the Washington Special Care Nursery an extra three days so nurses could monitor her breathing, and luckily, they did not have to intervene medically. Meanwhile, mother Jennifer learned what to look for and what to do (such as how to stimulate the baby) if she noticed signs of apnea. This new team of award-winning hospitals came together to bring the best health care to Avery Lo, Jennifer Lo and their family.