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Simplify Your Healthcare Management with MyChart

June 10, 2014

Washington Hospital Healthcare System Offers Free, Confidential, Easy-to-Use Online Service

You’ve been meaning to schedule a long-overdue doctor’s appointment for a physical exam and to discuss having a blood test to check your blood-glucose level, which was considered “borderline” a year ago. Work has been busy, though, and you just haven’t been able to find time to call the doctor’s office during regular business hours.

Sound familiar? Now Washington Hospital Healthcare System has a simpler way to manage your healthcare appointments – and much more.

“Washington MyChart is a free online resource for patients in the Washington Hospital Healthcare System, including Washington Hospital and participating healthcare providers such as physicians in the Washington Township Medical Foundation,” says Director of Ambulatory Clinical Applications Michelle Smith.

“The service allows patients to use the Internet to schedule appointments, request prescription refills, send private messages to a participating healthcare provider’s office and request referrals to other participating healthcare providers,” she explains. “Patients also can use MyChart to view their medical test results, current prescriptions, allergies, immunizations and other portions of their health records. MyChart will send an email notice to the patient whenever a new test result is available for viewing. You can even download portions of your medical information and send it to another doctor who is not on the Washington Hospital Healthcare System’s network.”

Secure Network Protects Personal Information

MyChart is part of Washington Hospital Healthcare System’s “WeCare” electronic medical records system.

“The majority of hospitals in the Bay Area, and many other hospitals throughout the country, are on the same electronic medical records system that underlies WeCare,” Smith notes. “The system is a secure network to protect patient privacy. Each patient creates an individual, password-protected account that is encrypted to provide optimum safety for personal medical information.”

Another feature of MyChart is access to your medical billing information. Patients can use MyChart to view their total outstanding balances, with real-time information related to those accounts.

MyChart can be accessed on any computer with an Internet connection, as well as via a number of mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android equipment. After establishing a MyChart account, download the MyChart app to your mobile device, find Washington Hospital Healthcare System/Washington MyChart in the list of selections, and then log in. There is no additional fee or premium for using a MyChart account.

Easy Signup Process

“Signing up for MyChart is really easy,” Smith says. “Patients can ask for an ‘activation letter’ from their participating WeCare physician or when they have appointments in outpatient departments at Washington Hospital. MyChart information for hospital inpatients is included in their discharge instructions or post-visit summary. The activation letter provides a personal activation code to use when signing up on the Washington MyChart Internet site. You also will need to enter your date of birth and the last four digits of your Social Security number. We suggest using a login name that you don’t use elsewhere, as well as a strong password.”

For more information about MyChart, or to set up your personal MyChart account, visit