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Traci Pimentel

Traci Pimentel PortraitTraci Pimentel

Traci has been a volunteer at Washington Hospital for the last five years after retiring from Bank of America. She wasn’t sure what her next career would be, but knew that she needed and wanted to give back to her community, which she loved doing while working at Bank of America.

When she began volunteering at Washington Hospital, her first assignment was in the Gift Shop. Her love of staffing the Gift Shop gives her the opportunity to help customers find those special gifts for their loved ones or just stopping in to get that afternoon special treat. Traci also has recently found a love working with animals. She began to volunteer at the Hayward Animal Shelter for the last two years, but decided last year that it was where she would like to work and began this new journey last August. In her spare time, you will find Traci spending time with her two grown children, her husband, three dogs, family and friends.