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Mental Health Education Series: Understanding Mood Disorders

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Major depression and bipolar disorder will be the focus of the Understanding Mood Disorders session. "It's normal to feel a certain amount of depression depending on what's happening in our lives," said Dr. Sehgal, who will present this session. "But major depression is about more than just having a bad day. It's important for people to understand what is normal and what is excessive." Depression is very treatable, she added, but there is a lot of stigma around getting help. She will talk about the forms it can take, how to identify it, and when to get help. Dr. Sehgal continued, "It breaks my heart to see a patient who has had depression for months and months, but didn't know there was help available."

Presented By: Seema Sehgal, MD

Seema Sehgal's WTMF Physician Page:

Original Date: 03/08/18