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FB Live: Maintaining Your Mental Wellness During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Category: InHealth

Join us on this Facebook Live discussion of how to maintain mental wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic. Presenting will be gynecologist Victoria Leiphart, MD, and psychiatrist Seema Sehgal, MD, both of whom are experts on well-being. They will explore ways to cope with the anxiety and stress created by this health crisis––and, they'll be answering many of your questions, which you can leave in our comments section.

Presented By:
Victoria Leiphart, MD FACOG

Seema Sehgal, MD

Seema Sehgal's WTMF Physician Page:

Victoria Leiphart's Healthy Minute video:

Victoria Leiphart's WTMF Physician Page:

Original live stream event held on April 22, 2020