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Breast Care Conference

Location: Washington Women's Center
2500 Mowry Ave., 1st Floor (Washington West)
Fremont, CA 94538

Call: 510.818.7356 to speak with the Washington Women's Center coordinator to obtain more information and schedules

What is a Care Conference?

At a care conference, your doctors will discuss your individual medical history, diagnostic findings and options for medical and surgical interventions that will impact your future care. These specialists may include surgical, medical oncology, radiation oncology, radiologists, pathologists, and plastic surgeons. We allow 20 to 30 minutes for each care conference. This conference is not a substitute for individual consultations with all the medical specialties involved in your care, and it does not provide binding decisions about your care. Rather, it is an opportunity to actively participate, gather information, and discuss options with various specialties at one time.

Who should attend?

Bringing the persons that will be supporting you through your future interventions is usually helpful. Your partner or adult children may have questions you have not considered. They also can be helpful in remembering the discussion and formulating other questions for future visits with your doctors. Your primary physician will receive an invitation to attend when you are scheduled.

How do I schedule?

Tell your physician that you would like to be scheduled for a Breast Cancer Care Conference. Your physician's office will make the arrangements and you will be contacted with a date and time.

Is there a charge for this conference?

No. This is considered one of the many ways we at the Washington Women's Center can support your understanding of your diagnosis and treatment. Along with your doctor visits and scheduled treatments the Breast Care Conference is a learning opportunity for you and your family.

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