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Common Conditions Treated by Physical Therapists

  • Vertigo/dizziness: The most common form of vertigo is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). This is an inner ear problem that causes short periods of this spinning sensation when the head is moved in certain positions. When treated by a PT, positional vertigo can be eliminated completely, so you do not have to live with it.
  • Concussion: There is a balance of returning to normal activities with symptom management that helps the athlete to return to full function. Physical therapists play an important role in balance and agility training and treat vertigo as well as headaches associated with it.
  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (jaw pain): Jaw pain can be triggered by multiple causes. A PT can address postural issues, provide treatment to align the joint, as well as improve joint mobility to reduce pain.
  • Rotator cuff strain/ repair: Physicians tend to provide conservative management with physical therapy for rotator cuff strain patients since there is evidence that strengthening and maintaining flexibility heals the muscle tissue faster. We also treat patients after surgery to help them regain strength and range of motion to enable them to return to their daily function.
  • Low back pain: There is enough evidence demonstrating that physical therapy can be an effective alternative—and with much less risk than surgery and long-term use of prescription medications. Even surgeons want to try conservation management first, before recommending invasive techniques.
  • Neck and shoulder pain: Physical therapists treat chronic neck pain after comprehensive evaluation. There are multiple causes starting from stress, poor posture, repetitive stress and trauma.
  • Total knee and hip replacements: Physical therapy right after any replacement surgery is an important aspect that even the surgeons will attest to. We provide individual care to all our postoperative patients and work very closely with their surgeons to make sure we keep our patients on track.
  • Chronic knee pain and arthritis: The key to improving lifestyle in arthritic patients is by maintaining joint mobility and improving muscle strength. Physical therapists provide individualized exercise programs to this patient population in order to achieve those goals.
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