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Cardiac Surgery

Washington Hospital has been a leader in surgical intervention and treatment of adult heart disease for decades. Today we continue to provide world-class cardiac care through our Cardiothoracic Surgery Program, led by renowned UCSF Health physicians who work onsite at Washington Hospital in Fremont. UCSF Health is ranked as one of the best hospitals in the nation for Cardiology and Heart Surgery according to U.S. News & World Report.

Dedicated Staff and State of the Art Facilities

Our cardiac surgeons perform a myriad of procedures in the Hospital’s dedicated cardiovascular operating room, supported by a cardiovascular anesthesiologist who is available 24/7. An advanced anesthesia team utilizes low cardiac risk anesthetic options including regional anesthesia with nerve blocks and total IV anesthetic techniques. Specialty certified cardiac nurses meet with the surgical team when transitioning each patient after surgery to ensure the safest possible transfer between caregivers. Our Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) is staffed with hospital intensivists 24/7 (physicians specially trained to care for critical care patients 24/7). The Morris Hyman Critical Care Pavilion which houses our CCU is a modern facility featuring spacious private patient rooms with floor to ceiling windows that ensure an optimal healing environment.

A growing number of heart conditions, such as valve disease and aneurysms, are being treated through minimally invasive surgery, requiring a much smaller incision. With the advent of hybrid operating room procedures, cardiac and vascular surgeons work side by side to provide the highest level of care available to our patients. With these minimally invasive procedures patients usually experience less pain, fewer days in the hospital and a quicker return to normal activities.

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