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Dedicated Doctors Care for Multiple Generations at Warm Springs Clinic

Clinic Offers Qualify Primary Care Services in Southern Fremont

Dr. Steven Curran and Dr. Shelli Bodnar have been practicing family medicine at the Washington Township Medical Foundation’s Warm Springs Clinic for many years and in that time have developed long-term relationships with their patients. They both said they have been privileged to care for multiple generations of families and guide people through their medical care over the course of their lives.

“Having long-term relationships with the families we see is very rewarding,” said Dr. Bodnar, who has been at the clinic for 16 years. “I might see a patient and say, ‘what grade is your daughter in now? I remember when you were pregnant.’ And they ask about my daughter, too. I also see the positive results of helping people take care of their health. It’s nice.”

“The joy of family practice is long-term care,” added Dr. Curran, who started at the clinic 20 years ago. “Today I saw a family who remarked how long I had been seeing them. The mother is in her 30s and I had treated her as a child. That happens a lot.”

Warms Springs Clinic provides a medical home where patients can get many of their health care needs met. It’s open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and offers a wide range of primary care services for people of all ages, including preventive care and health screenings, vaccinations, routine gynecological services, pediatric care and other services. The clinic can also treat more urgent conditions such as illnesses and minor cuts and injuries on a walk-in basis. Patients can call the clinic at 510.248.1065 to determine if it’s the right place to go for the care they need. Coordinated Care

“Having a medical home or regular place of care means you can get more coordinated care by people who know your medical history,” Dr. Bodnar said. “We can connect patients to the services they need and refer them to specialists and other health care providers for additional care.”

Dr. Curran added: “We can help our patients navigate through the sometimes complex web of medical care. Particularly now with MyChart, I can keep track of a patient’s medical history in real time, sharing information with specialists and others on the care team. From lab results to progress notes, I can monitor my patients’ care.”

MyChart is an electronic medical records system that documents patients’ medical history, including medications, allergies, immunizations, health screenings and appointments.

Patients can’t always remember the details of their care, like treatment plans they have received from other care providers and the tests they might need. So having access to that information helps Dr. Curran and Dr. Bodnar provide more streamlined care.

“I can remind patients to get their health screenings like mammograms and other preventive care,” Dr. Bodnar added. “Keeping people healthy is a critical part of what we do.”

Neighborhood Care

The Warm Springs Clinic is located at 46690 Mohave Drive in Fremont. The neighborhood is situated in the southern part of the city.

“I see the Warm Springs Clinic as kind of a medical outpost in southern Fremont,” Dr. Bodnar said. “Most of the medical services are in the Mowry Avenue area of Fremont near the Washington Hospital campus and in Union City.”

The clinic means people who live and work in the surrounding area and in neighboring communities like Milpitas can get medical care nearby. Both physicians say they feel honored to have served the local community for so long, helping residents get quality care.

“I feel privileged to be part of people’s lives,” Dr. Curran said. “We take care of the whole person. I’m inspired by helping people live healthier lives and monitoring their progress over the years. It’s incredibly rewarding.”

The Warm Springs Clinic is one of three Washington Township Medical Foundation clinics that provide primary care services to residents in outlying areas from Washington Hospital. The two other clinics are the Newark Clinic at 6236 Thornton Avenue in Newark and the Nakamura Clinic at 33077 Alvarado-Niles Road in Union City. The Foundation has 20 separate clinics that offer primary and specialty care, with most located near the hospital. For more information about primary cares services offered through the Washington Township Medical Foundation and a list of locations, visit