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How the Critical Care Pavilion Improves Healthcare Accessibility

Author: Kadeer Halimi, DO;
Specialty: Emergency Medicine

Seventy years ago when residents of rural Southern Alameda County in the Fremont area realized the last local, accessible health care facility — the Silva Maternity Home in Niles — was closing, they decided the community needed medical care closer to home.

They believed they shouldn’t have to drive for miles to deliver babies, for emergency care or for other necessary, non-emergency medical services. So, these early residents decided to tax themselves to build a hospital in their own community. These successful efforts produced Washington Hospital, which opened its doors in 1958.

In the years since, the mandate of the Washington Hospital Healthcare System has been to serve its community and, to provide accessible, excellent medical care to all. The latest manifestation of that mandate is the Morris Hyman Critical Care Pavilion which was dedicated last month.

Accessible care. Understanding the needs of the community. Providing local, top-quality medical care that reflects our Patient First Ethic. These are the foundations of Washington Hospital as it looks to the future.

Washington Hospital’s emergency room regularly overflows with patients needing medical care. The Pavilion’s new Emergency Department provides double the capacity and will make it possible for Washington Hospital to seek trauma designation. With a trauma center at the Hospital, residents won’t have to be airlifted or sent by ambulance to more distant facilities away from home and family. In emergency situations, time is of the essence. For district residents, having local access to this high-tech, high-quality facility will literally save lives.

The Pavilion is the latest in Washington Hospital’s ongoing program to meet current and future community health needs. We continue to plan for the future as well as working to meet the demands of today. All of us at Washington Hospital are dedicated to our ongoing mission to provide the very best in top-quality medical care for our community.

Posted October, 2018