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Best Selling Author of The Patient's Playbook Offers Advice at Free Community Forum

You or someone you care about faces a serious — or even not-so-serious — illness or accident. How do you navigate and manage the array of doctors, hospital personnel and other caregivers that are now involved in your life? How do you evaluate their opinions? And among your numerous treatment options, how do you know which is the best one, the right one for your situation?

According to Leslie D. Michelson, author of “The Patient’s Playbook,” there is no health care road map when we get sick. That’s why it’s imperative to partner with your physicians and enlist the support of a trusted friend or loved one. “Individuals faced with serious illnesses need someone to ‘quarterback’ their care,” Michelson says.

On Thursday, Nov. 10, Michelson will share lifesaving strategies and decision-making tools to help you successfully navigate the health care system during those most stressful times.

The free Washington Hospital Community Forum, entitled “Finding the No-Mistake Zone™: Lessons from the Patient’s Playbook,” will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Conrad E. Anderson, MD, Auditorium in the Washington West building at 2500 Mowry Ave., Fremont.

Attendees will learn:

  • Six steps to finding the “No-Mistake Zone™” in every medical situation
  • Take-charge strategies for medical emergencies
  • How to partner with your doctor to avoid becoming a medical statistic
  • How to identify and interview the right specialist for any condition
  • That it doesn’t cost more to get better care—learning how to be a smart consumer is what matters

A special printing of “The Patient’s Playbook,” with a foreword by Washington Hospital Chief Executive Officer Nancy Farber, will be available at a discounted price for attendees, and the author will sign books following the talk.

In his book, Michelson outlines key steps each person can take to be prepared when illness strikes, and he provides insider tips on better navigating the system, based on his 30 years of experience.

“Helping people get better medical care is my passion,” Michelson says. He became interested in health issues as a youth, when his father was incorrectly diagnosed with a heart problem. Michelson solved the issue, saving his dad from unnecessary surgery. Although trained as a lawyer, he moved into the business of health care, serving as CEO for several entrepreneurial health care companies focused on improving quality of care.

Over the years, friends sought his advice on medical challenges so often, he founded Private Health Management in 2007, which oversees the care of thousands of individuals and corporate clients. He wrote his best-selling book, “The Patient’s Playbook,” to share what he’s learned with a broader audience.

Michelson and his team will partner with Washington Hospital over the next year to communicate their shared mission of empowering patients to better manage their care and partner with their physicians.

“We came to Washington Hospital because we are so impressed with the leadership here, particularly that of CEO Nancy Farber, and with the system’s commitment to its ‘Patient First Ethic,’ Michelson says.

“The Hospital’s initiatives to reduce error, improve quality of care, encouraging patients to participate in their own health care — Washington Hospital is years ahead of the game.”

In addition to speaking at the forum, Michelson will meet with the Washington Hospital management team and the Hospital’s physician leadership group. Working together, they’ll develop educational materials for the community, including podcasts, webinars, newspaper articles, public service announcements and videos to be broadcast on InHealth, the Hospital’s community television station.

Michelson also will return to Washington Hospital next year to speak at the Washington Hospital Women’s Health Conference. “We are developing an array of ways to reach the broader community here in southern Alameda County.

“By partnering with Washington Hospital and its leadership, we believe together we can make a very significant impact on helping people better manage their heath care needs,” Michelson adds.

For further information, please call 800.963.7070.