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Washington Wellness Center Offers Holiday Massage Specials

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  • Written By: Christopher Brown

woman getting a massageThe holidays can be a stressful time with all the hustle and bustle around shopping, cooking and commitments. This holiday season, consider giving the gift of relaxation to yourself or a loved one. The Washington Wellness Center is offering massage specials that can make the holidays brighter – and more relaxed – for everyone on your shopping list, including yourself.

“Giving the gift of a massage is a great way to say I care about you and your well-being,” said Laura Constantine, RN, coordinator of the Washington Women’s Center. “It’s also a great way to take care of yourself during this hectic time. And how many more things do people really need anyway? A massage is the perfect gift, and it’s an excellent way to take a break from your busy holiday schedule.”

Starting Dec. 1, the price for a 50-minute massage at the Washington Wellness Center is $60 instead of the usual $75. You can save even more by buying a six-massage package for $330. To purchase gift certificates or make an appointment, call 510.608.1301.

The Wellness Center is a comfortable place to enjoy a personalized massage. It features a spa-like setting where you feel pampered. Special touches include a fresh cotton robe to slip into and your own private dressing area with individual lockers for personal items. With different entrances for men’s and women’s massage areas, privacy is assured.

Health Benefits

“Pampering is something we associate with women, but massages are beneficial for both men and women,” Constantine said. “Besides just feeling amazing, massage offers a number of health benefits.”

Massage can calm the nervous system and reduce stress and anxiety, she said. It can also help improve blood circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system – which aids the immune system, and prevent and relieve muscle cramps and spasms. Studies show it can lower your heart rate as well as insulin and cortisol levels, she added. Cortisol is a hormone our bodies release in response to stress.

“A massage really is about your health, which is why a lot of people like the idea of having a massage at a hospital where your health is the number one priority,” she said. “Some of the people who come in regularly have health issues, so they feel more comfortable and confident getting their massage here. It’s a trusted environment.”

Massages are performed by licensed massage therapists with years of experience. To be sure you gain the maximum benefit from your session, you will first be asked to fill out a brief medical and physical history and then your therapist will discuss your expectations for the massage. There are a variety of massage styles available.

Swedish massage uses long, fluid strokes and a number of muscle kneading techniques. It improves circulation, reduces tension and relieves sore muscles.

Sports massage is similar to the Swedish massage, but is more for people who work out frequently or are involved in sports. It helps athletes improve flexibility and prevent injuries, and it speeds recovery time.

Deep tissue massage works deep into the muscles to help ease and release long-held patterns of muscular tension. It uses slower, more forceful strokes to target the deeper layers of the muscles and connective tissue.

Prenatal massage is for expectant mothers. It helps alleviate back pain and aids circulation, providing some relief from the discomfort of pregnancy.

Therapeutic massage integrates neuromuscular therapy and reflexology with Swedish strokes to help relax and restore balance to the body.

Hot stone massage uses water-heated, smooth, flat stones that are placed on key points on the body. It promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation, alleviates stress and releases toxins. It also relieves pain, improves circulation and calms the psyche.

Foot reflexology is a gentle massage of the foot that helps to relieve tension and reduce stress.

“There really is a massage style for everyone,” Constantine said. “Massage is not only a wonderful gift, it can also be a special holiday outing. Get your girlfriends together for a massage, and then go to lunch and shopping before or afterward.”

The Washington Wellness Center is located at 2500 Mowry Ave. (Washington West), suite 150. For information about other Washington Hospital services that can improve your health and well-being, visit