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Healthy Recipes

Washington Hospital is helping lead the way in environmentally responsible health care – even through hospital food. An example is the work of our Nutrition and Clinical Services team. They’re devoted to ensuring a unique and sustainable dining experience for patients. “Food is medicine,” said Kimberlee Alvari, director of Nutrition and Clinical Services. “What we place on the plate matters, and fresh, seasonal, and local produce can have a positive effect on our patients’ health.”

Below, we’re sharing a new, antibiotic-free entrée that Alvari’s team submitted in the 2017 Reimagining Hospital Food culinary competition, presented by Health Care Without Harm and Practice Greenhealth in conjunction with the Culinary Institute of America and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The dish has a ‘plant slant’ – emphasizing fruits, vegetables, seeds, and cannellini beans. The beans offer a great source of protein from plants, and the dish even has an option for 1.5 ounces of antibiotic-free chicken as a condiment. Enjoy!