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The 35th Annual Top Hat Gala

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Inpatient Acute Rehabilitation at Washington Hospital - Opening in 2022, the Inpatient Acute Rehab Center will fill a critical gap in rehabilitation care in our local district and surrounding communities. The Center will offer intensive, specialized treatment for patients with stroke, limb amputation and other complex neurological and orthopedic conditions. The focus is individualized care and treatment to help patients develop the daily living skills needed to achieve the highest possible quality of life. Currently, patients have to travel far outside our community to receive this important specialty care. Through clinical collaboration and advanced technology, patients will receive daily physical, occupational and speech therapy from Washington Hospital's talented team of therapists and staff- giving them the best possible chances at reclaiming their independence.

Thank you to all who contributed to the 35th Annual Top Hat Gala in support of Washington Hospital’s new Inpatient Acute Rehab Center. Because of you, we’re able to bring this specialized level of care to patients in our local and surrounding communities.With the support of our generous community members, we’ve raised over $425,000 to purchase life-changing equipment and technology to help patients and their families achieve the best recovery outcomes possible. Thank you for keeping Washington Hospital strong!


Listen to Kimberly Hartz, CEO, Washington Hospital & Gary Charland, President, Washington Hospital Healthcare Foundation on the importance of investing in the health and wellbeing of District Residents

Watch the video below, featuring Jack Rose, MD, Nuerointensivist at Washington Hospital & Prabhajot Singh Khalsa, MD, Neurologist at Washington Hospital on how Inpatient Acute Rehabilitation helps to maximize patient recovery after a stroke, brain aneurysm or other neurological diagnosis.

The video below features Alisa Curry, Physical Therapist & WHHS Coordinator of Rehab Clinical Programs & James McBrayer, Rehabilitation Patient at Washington Hospital and Guillain Barre Syndrome Survivor on how Acute Rehab care has helped him regain his independence.

Watch the video below, featuring Rod Silveira, Physical Therapist & WHHF Honorary Trustee and Alisa Curry, Physical Therapist & WHHS Coordinator of Rehab Clinical Programs on the importance of Giving Patients the Best Chance at Independence.

Watch the video below, from Kimberly Hartz, CEO, on the importance of Inpatient Acute Rehabilitation at Washington Hospital.

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