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Many patients have chosen to delay their health care while their illnesses and conditions have worsened. We understand your safety concerns, however, it’s critical to address urgent health issues immediately, maintain your health, and move forward with quality-of-life treatments and procedures. You can now do all of that safely because Washington Hospital always practices the highest safety standards and we have implemented additional stringent safety measures to keep patients safe during the pandemic. Scroll down for the details.

5 Doctors Explain Why You Should Feel Safe at Washington Hospital and Stay Healthy During Covid-19

Dr. Kadeer M. Halimi

Medical Director of the Emergency Department

“Washington Hospital’s state-of-the-art Emergency Department (ED) and our specially trained staff and physicians have proven that we can safely care for all patients who come to us with any injury, illness or infectious disease. Coronavirus preparedness became a priority early this year and was followed by the development of strict protocols to help us manage all patients safely during a pandemic. We established a separate Rapid Screening and Treatment Unit for suspected COVID-19 patients. With an ED that has all private exam rooms and dedicated negative pressure rooms for those with respiratory symptoms, we are always ready to care for our community. Patients with suspected contagious diseases are treated in contained areas, ensuring a clean, safe environment for all emergency patients. Our community members can be confident that in their time of need, the Washington Hospital ED is ready to help 24/7/365.”

Timothy Tsoi, MD


“As a cardiologist I know that underlying heart disease is one of the factors that makes catching COVID-19 more serious, leading to both higher complication and mortality rates. However, we are seeing more people delaying their medical evaluation of heart symptoms, often because they fear catching COVID-19. This has become a dangerous trend as some people receive care late in the course of their heart disease and as a result, complications from delayed treatment are increasing. Prompt care is important. I am proud to say Washington Hospital follows stringent protocols to ensure the safest possible environments throughout our Healthcare System, which include our cardiac intervention labs, emergency and operating rooms. I strongly urge all our patients to keep their medical appointments, and to seek medical care urgently as needed for symptoms of heart disease and other major illnesses."

Dianne C. Martin, MD

Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease Specialist

“Through the decades, Washington Hospital has prepared for and managed infectious disease outbreaks like SARS, MERS, and now COVID-19. Upon initial reports of the coronavirus outbreak in China last year, we put in place a systemwide, multidisciplinary team that ensures we provide high-quality health care in an environment with enhanced safety for all patients, and for our physicians and staff. A comprehensive plan of protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19 has been implemented across all our facilities-including our main campus and outlying clinics. Coming to Washington Hospital for care is safer than ever and should not be delayed.”

Mark Saleh, MD


"While phone or video appointments offer convenience during the pandemic, oftentimes I have to examine patients in person or admit them for surgical procedures. I don't believe coming to the Hospital is a risk. Instead, the real danger lies in putting off needed diagnoses and treatments until a later date. Our clinics, like our operating rooms, are ready to care for our community."

Jason Cheng, MD

Radiologist and Medical Director of Medical Imaging

“Now, just as before the pandemic, we rely on X-rays, MRIs, and other medical imaging to diagnose, monitor, and treat diseases or injuries. Those who come to our Outpatient Imaging Center, Women's Center, Radiation Oncology Center -- or any Washington Hospital outpatient care provider -- should know they are getting the testing needed for appropriate care. Your health and safety, and that of our staff, is our mission and our promise."

How We Are Focused on Your Safety During COVID-19

We always practice the highest safety standards and now we’ve gone even further during the pandemic:

  • Mandatory masking and temperature checks for everyone prior to entry
  • Hand sanitizer and tissue boxes throughout the facility
  • Pre-screening in advance of appointments, procedures, admissions and entry
  • Physical distancing in common areas
  • Rigorous infection prevention and cleaning
  • Maintaining supplies of PPE and ensuring appropriate use
  • 40 private ER rooms
  • Patients with flu-like symptoms are directed to a dedicated location
  • Using telehealth, virtual check-ins, and remote monitoring where possible
  • Suspected and confirmed COVID-19 patients that need to be admitted are immediately roomed in negative pressure isolation rooms
  • Testing for COVID-19 (admitted and procedure patients)
  • Visitor restrictions

You know your body best. If you experience signs and symptoms that don’t feel right, seek medical attention without delay.

family in masks

  • Covid-19 Testing Rapid Screening and Treatment Unit (RSTU)

    Washington Hospital has a specialized screening and treatment unit for suspected COVID-19 patients.
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  • Temporary Visitor Restrictions

    For your safety, visitors are not allowed in the Main Hospital and the Morris Hyman Critical Care Pavilion.
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  • CDC Coronavirus Self-Checker

    The Coronavirus Self-Checker will help establish illness and location, and recommend next steps.
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  • Convalescent Plasma Donation

    We’ve joined 2,200+ U.S. hospitals in a government-supported program to administer plasma as a therapy for severely ill COVID-19 patients.
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  • Impacted Services/Reduced Hours

    To check time and contact information for Urgent Care, Outpatient Lab, Women’s Center, and Outpatient Imaging, click here.