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HEALTH RELATED CONTENT DISCLAIMER. In addition to and not instead of the foregoing, WHHS does not endorse nor make any guarantee that the information resources available through the SITE's A-Z Health Guides or Library are up-to-date, accurate or complete. WHHS provide this information merely as a convenience for our visitors; it is not intended as medical treatment or advice. As with any health-related concern, WHHS recommend that you seek the advice and opinions of your experienced and licensed health-care professional. Health related topics found on any WHHS page, should not be used for diagnosing purposes or be substituted for medical advice. It is your responsibility to research the accuracy, completeness, and usefulness of all opinions, services, and other information found on the SITE, and to consult with your professional health care provider as to whether the information can benefit you. WHHS assumes no responsibility or liability for any consequence resulting directly or indirectly for any action or inaction you take based on or made in reliance on the information, services, or material on or linked to this SITE. Since medical developments occur daily, this SITE may contain outdated material. While WHHS makes every reasonable effort to present current and accurate information, no guarantee of any kind is made. WHHS is not liable for any damage or loss related to the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of any information contained on this SITE.

DISCLAIMER REGARDING PHYSICIAN INFORMATION AND SERVICES. WHHS also provides contact and brief biographical information for health care professionals with staff privileges at WHHS. Possession of staff privileges or inclusion on our database is not intended and should not be inferred as an endorsement or representation of the physicians' credentials, experience or competence. Any decision to use a health care service or provider is the sole responsibility of the patient, and not of WHHS. As with the other information on the SITE, WHHS do not guarantee, and expressly disclaim any warranty, that the information is up-to-date, accurate or complete. Please be sure to verify the information directly with the health care provider.

DISCLAIMER REGARDING EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES. From time to time, WHHS post job openings at WHHS on the SITE. These openings do not constitute offers of employment, and WHHS does not presently accept applications through the SITE. WHHS also make no representation that the job information is accurate or up-to-date. Individuals interested in learning more about potential openings should contact us as directed in each listing.

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