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Heart & Vascular Services

Washington Hospital offers a full range of cardiac and vascular services to meet patients’ varied needs. It has been designated as both a “cardiac receiving center” and a “stroke receiving center” for Alameda County. Hospitals with these designations must have demonstrated that they have the facilities, technology and physicians needed to provide immediate diagnostic tests and the interventions necessary to save lives.

Washington Hospital/UCSF Cardiac Services

Through an affiliation with UCSF Health, Washington Hospital is able to provide cardiac services including the latest in research and techniques. Services include:

Community members who are interested in these services should contact Melissa Carvalho at the Washington Hospital Cardiac Services Program, 510.248.1400.

Fast Treatment for Chest Pain

Washington Hospital is a designated STEMI receiving center. A ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) is a severe heart attack which requires immediate intervention.

  • Washington Hospital is an early adopter of the standard to get heart attack patients into the Cardiac Catheterization Lab for angioplasty to restore blood flow to the heart within 90 minutes or less, which means faster care and better outcomes for the patient. Today, we average 60 minutes, as a quick response means more heart muscle is saved.
  • Washington Hospital collaborates with paramedics in the field who can perform an electrocardiogram (EKG) and transmit the results to the Hospital and treating cardiologist. The goal is to enable the doctor to make a diagnosis, have the cath lab team and room ready even before the patient is transported to the hospital.
  • After the procedure, patients are carefully monitored on the nursing unit, specifically for heart patients, for various complications that could prevent a secondary heart attack.
  • After discharge, Washington Hospital works with patients and their families to reduce the odds of further heart attacks. Two examples of prevention are Mended Hearts and Cardiac Rehabilitation.

From leading-edge diagnostic equipment and interventional services, to the latest in surgical procedures and cardiac rehabilitation, Washington Hospital's Heart and Vascular Services Program provides patients with a full continuum of quality care.

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