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Price Transparency at Washington Hospital Healthcare System

The published lists of standard charges provided on this website represent the pricing information for medical items and services as required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Hospital Price Transparency Rule. Washington Hospital has made every effort to include all applicable standard charge information in accordance with the requirements of 45 CFR 180.50 and believes that the information encoded is true, accurate and complete as of the date indicated on the respective list.

Understanding Costs Before Your Care:

Making informed decisions about your health care is easier than ever. Washington Hospital Healthcare System is committed to price transparency, offering tools and resources to help you understand costs upfront.

  • Standard Charges: We publish a list of standard charges for each service we provide annually. This list reflects the gross (full) price before any insurance adjustments or discounts are applied. It's important to remember that this is not the final cost you will pay. View more

Transparency Regulations:

Washington Hospital Healthcare System adheres to the latest federal transparency regulations, including:

  • Cost Estimator Tool: As mandated by the CMS Price Transparency rule, our online cost estimator tool allows you to get a personalized estimate of out-of-pocket expenses for over 300 common medical services provided at Washington Hospital Healthcare System. This tool considers factors like the specific service and your insurance plan (if applicable).
  • Machine-Readable Files (Standard Lists of Charges): We offer a comprehensive file listing the discounted cash price and negotiated rates for each service we provide.

Please Note:

  • Patient Cost: The standard charges list does not reflect your final out-of-pocket cost, especially if you have health insurance. The information reflects prices paid by your insurer for services provided during your hospital visit, which will not necessarily reflect your share of the costs of these services under the particular terms of your health plan.
  • Contact Your Insurance Provider: While our cost estimator provides a helpful starting point, we always recommend contacting your insurance provider for the most accurate estimate of your out-of-pocket costs. Your insurer can take your specific plan details into account.
  • Financial Assistance: The charges may not reflect all potential discounts available to uninsured or underinsured patients. For more information about WHHS’ Financial Assistance, please visit Patient Billing or contact WHHS’ Patient Accounting at 510.818.7448.

By providing these resources, we hope to empower you to make informed decisions about your health care.