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Foundation Board Of Trustees

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Foundation Board of Trustees

The Foundation Board of Trustees consist of Washington Hospital staff and volunteers from the community. The board is led by an Executive Committee, which includes four elected officers, the hospital CEO and leaders of the hospital's board, service league, medical staff and employees' association. The board of trustees and executive committee assist in the many aspects of the Foundation's fundraising effort and assist with increasing community awareness of both the Hospital and the Foundation.

Executive Officers

Carol Dutra-Vernaci, E.A., President
Rodney A. Silveira, P.T., M.S., Vice President/President Elect
Helen Kennedy, Secretary
Craig A. Silcox, Treasurer
Nancy Farber, Executive Vice President
William Nicholson, M.D., President, Washington Township Health Care District Board of Directors
John A. Romano, M.D., Chief, Washington Hospital Medical Staff
Shirley Ehrlich, President, Washington Hospital Employees' Association
Jeannie Yee, President, Washington Hospital Service League Volunteers


Catherine Afonso
Linda Ashley
Cathy Avon
Marsha S. Baird
Elise M. Balgley
Gaby Bernardin
Rodney Clark
Patricia Danielson, R.H.I.T.
John T. Dearborn, M.D.
William. E. Dugoni, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S.
John Dutra
Kevin Finnerty
Bill Harrison
Lamar Hinton
Brent Hodson
Ash Jain, M.D.
Prasad Kilaru, M.D.
Dirk Lorenz
Renee Lovely
Anmol S. Mahal, M.D.
Russell Ross
Alexander Sah, M.D.
Tina M. Sankoff
Chief Demetrious Shaffer
Roger W. Shanks
Ranjana Sharma, M.D.
Nancy Stewart
Peter Farber-Szekrenyi, Ph.D.
Maria Vera-Yee

Honorary Trustees

Don Amsbaugh
Bobbie Armor
Barbara M. Barrie
Joseph Ching
Kathy Fusco
Maria Huezo
Keith Poch
Frances Stone
Vince Wallace
Pauline A. Weaver
Marlene F. Weibel