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What Does It Mean To Be A District Hospital?

Washington Township Health Care District was created to provide people living in Southern Alameda County with ready access to the widest possible range of high quality health care services. It is one of more than 70 hospital districts throughout California. Hospital districts were initiated because there was a shortage of hospital beds immediately following World War II. In addition, Districts were formed to provide health care services in areas where access was limited and other health care providers had shown little interest in developing services.

Prior to the existence of Washington Hospital, local residents had to drive 25 miles to get medical care. In 1948, without the benefit of highways, travel time was greater. People would often take the risk of foregoing proper treatment. On occasion, someone would die during the extended trip to the nearest hospital.

The District Board of Directors

Washington Township Health Care District is guided by a publicly elected, five-member board that includes a President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The public is invited to the board’s regularly scheduled meetings at which time financial and performance updates are provided; board members make important decisions about programs, services, and equipment; and educational sessions are often held that relate to the Hospital’s regulatory or administrative functions and community programs.

The Benefits of a Not-for-Profit Hospital

In addition to investing all profits back into the health care system and the community, Washington also works to improve the overall health of residents in the District. As such, it offers a wide range of free programs and services aimed at keeping you as healthy as possible. Visit our "Services and Programs" webpage for a complete look at the range of preventive care programs or pick up a copy of the bi-annual Health & Wellness catalog available at many locations throughout the System and the District.

Patients Come First at Washington Hospital

Since the mission of Washington Township Health Care District is to serve the needs of patients, the “Patient First Ethic” is the guiding principle at Washington Hospital. Followed by each employee, volunteer and physician, the principle means that any decision made or action taken within the Hospital must stem from what is in the best interest of the patient.

For example, in 1994, the decision was made to staff the Hospital with 70 percent registered nurses (R.N.’s). While the trend among most hospitals was to hire fewer R.N.’s Washington’s focus on what is best for the patient motivated it to go above and beyond all current state-mandated nursing ratios to provide the best nursing care possible.

Washington also serves the community by making sure people calling into the Hospital feel as welcome and comfortable as possible. When you call Washington Hospital, you are not greeted by a computerized voice, but a human being who answers your questions and directs your calls. Washington Hospital is one of the few health care providers in the Bay Area that maintains a full staff of telephone operators. They will make sure your call reaches the right place.