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What Is Included

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What is Included

Washington MyChart includes the following:

Your Health Profile

  • Health Summary - See a quick overview of your medical records, including your current health issues, allergies, immunizations, medications, and preventive care measures.

  • Medical History - Review your medical, surgical, and social histories, including alcohol and tobacco use. Authorized family members can also view documentation regarding certain health issues in your account.

  • Billing - Access your accounts to view your total outstanding balance. Any outstanding accounts will display real-time information related to those accounts.


  • Medications - View your current medications along with pertinent information for each medication, such as the prescribed dosage and the name of the participating provider who placed the order.

  • Allergies - See a list of your allergies and the reactions, along with the date noted. This section also includes any substance intolerances and interactions you might have.

  • Immunizations - Review the types and dates of immunizations you have received.

  • Test Results - Check your laboratory tests and results, the participating provider who authorized each test, and the status of any test results. Instead of waiting for a letter or phone call from your provider, you can see your lab results as soon as the results are posted to MyChart.

Communication Tools

  • Message Center - Just like the interface on your personal email, an inbox and sent folder display messages between you and a participating physician’s office.

  • Request Rx Refill - Send secure messages to the provider who authorized the medication to ask for prescription renewals.

  • Appointments - Schedule an appointment with your primary care provider, or request an appointment from any other participating provider. View future and past appointments, along with the time, location and provider involved.