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Pediatric Hospitalists

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Pediatric Hospitalists

The Pediatric hospitalist program at Washington Hospital was started in July 2003 and is staffed by general pediatricians who are affiliated with UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital. Pediatric hospitalists at Washington Hospital are all board-certified general pediatricians who have completed a three year residency in Pediatrics.

The program currently has 7 hospitalists and covers the in-patient service 24/7. The group covers approximately 65 percent of in-patients and will provide care to approximately 98 percent as off February 2010. 

The hospitalists at Washington Hospital provide general pediatric care for in-patients and Emergency Department patients whose primary physicians do not have admitting privileges at Washington Hospital or have contracted with the hospital to use the services of the hospitalists group. The hospitalists remain in close contact with the patient’s pediatrician throughout the hospital stay, especially on admission and at the time of discharge from the hospital so that excellent continuity of care is provided. The Pediatric hospitalist provides care in the following areas:

  • inpatient care for a 12-bed pediatric unit;
  • necessary consultations in the Emergency Department
  • in-patient consults on Surgical patients
  • Newborns in the Well baby nursery
  • Coverage for the Level 2 Washington Special Care Nursery overnight with back up by a Neonatologist.

Our goal is to provide outstanding evidence-based pediatric in-patient care and to enable hospitalized sick children to be taken care off in their community thus remaining closer to home.

Pediatric Hospitalists are working on projects such as improving lactation services at Washington hospital and making Washington Baby friendly; improving quality of care to all hospitalized children with asthma and newborns on the birthing center; instituting "Family Centered Care" at Washington Hospital.