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Gamma KnifeŽ Program

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Gamma Knife® Program | San Francisco Gamma Knife Treatment | California Gamma Knife Radiosurgery

Gamma Knife Experience Matters
Washington Hospital was the first hospital in the United States to treat patients using the new Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion™, a revolutionary alternative to traditional open-brain surgery and/or daily radiation treatments, which are administered from four to six weeks. The Gamma Knife Perfexion instead uses focused doses of radiation without making a single incision to treat malignant and benign brain tumors in a matter of hours. also treats additional disorders, such as metastases (secondary cancerous growths), vascular malformations (poorly formed blood vessels,) trigeminal neuralgia (a nerve disorder causing severe facial pain), epilepsy (a seizure disorder) and Parkinson's disease (a degenerative nervous disorder.)

Washington Hospital's Gamma Knife Program, located in the beautiful Northern California city of Fremont just a short drive from San Francisco, is led by one of the most accomplished teams of specialized physicians, physicists and nurses. Medical Directors neurosurgeon Sandeep Kunwar, MD, and radiation oncologist David Larson, MD, PhD, are both nationally and internationally recognized for their expertise, innovation and leadership in the field of Gamma Knife radiosurgery. Both board certified physicians, together they have more than 23 years of experience performing thousands of successful procedures.

Teamwork is essential to the quality and effectiveness of Gamma Knife radiosurgery at Washington Hospital. Specially trained neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, medical physicists and nurses collaborate to create an individualized treatment plan for each patient and utilize PERFEXION's sophisticated features to target and treat the condition painlessly and in just a few hours.

Referring Physicians
All referring physicians are considered key team members. Our doctors are committed to open communication throughout the planning and treatment process and are also available for follow-up consultation after a patient has been returned to the care of his or her referring doctor.

Our mission is to achieve excellent clinical outcomes while giving patients the best possible experience. That is why we regard the patient as an essential member of the treatment team. We take a comprehensive approach to care, ensuring that everyone who is in touch with the patient - from pre-operative education through postoperative therapy - has an advanced level of training so that the unique needs of people with serious neurological conditions can be met. In fact, our medical teams are strongly influenced by the "Patient First Ethic," Washington Hospital's guiding principle which states all decisions and actions must be based on what is best for the patient.

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