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Community Needs Assessment

Community Needs Assessment


Every three years, Washington Hospital Healthcare System in conjunction with the Hospital Council of Northern and Central California conducts a comprehensive health needs assessment. The purpose of the study is to help identify crucial health issues affecting residents in Washington Township Health Care District. By using this data, Washington Hospital can then target services and education programs that can help improve the health of our community.


Washington Hospital has a longstanding history of working collaboratively with other health organizations to assess and address community needs. The Community Needs Assessment is a vital tool that has helped Washington Hospital determine parts of our population who are most at risk for various diseases. We then use this data to provide care and services through community outreach programs, preventive care measures and education.

The Health of Alameda County Cities and Places for 2010
This report contains demographic and health information for Alameda County and for all cities, places, and regions in the county. Updated for 2010, the report includes data from the previous Health Indicators for Cities reports and the previous Alameda County Health Status reports.
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