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Digital Mammography Services

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Digital Mammography Services

Washington Hospital Healthcare System provides state of the art Digital Mammography Services in the Mammography Department at 2500 Mowry Ave., Fremont.

Digital mammography is different from a standard mammogram. With digital pictures, the physician can zoom in, magnify, and optimize different parts of the breast tissue in the picture without having to take an additional image.

In terms of preparation, positioning, and the look of the machine, the patient experience is unchanged. However, the result of the test offers several advantages, including a more powerful diagnosis. Included in the advantages are:

  • Fewer patients are required to come back for additional pictures

  • Less anxiety as pictures are generated immediately

  • Less time for appointments, as results are obtained faster

  • The ability for physicians to magnify and optimize mammography results.

Mammogram appointments require a physicians order and referral. Please call 510-791-3410 to schedule your mammogram appointment or obtain more information.