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CEO Message

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CEO Message

Nancy Farber, CEO Washington Hospital Healthcare System

This past year has been filled with many accomplishments and changes for Washington Hospital. Each has been made with the sole goal of providing the very best health care for our patients and the residents of our community. This goal is the heart of Washington Hospital’s Patient First Ethic.

Included among these recent accomplishments:

• The approval by more than 73 percent of district voters in November 2012 of our $186 million Measure Z bond issue. This bond measure will continue to fund our Facilities Master Plan construction program, allowing us to build The Morris Hyman Critical Care Pavilion and a new parking structure.

• "WeCare," our new electronic medical records program, is a real benefit to our patients and their physicians. Medical providers will have immediate access to the healht information of patients, providing more accurate, personalized and timely care. It helps us lower costs and it is an important step forward in meeting current state and federal health care requirements.

• And, most recently, Washington Hospital has entered into a collaborative relationship with the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center (UCSF). Our goal in undertaking this relationship with UCSF is to create a comprehensive and integrated regional health care network that serves the needs of our Washington Hospital community now and in the future.

The UCSF partnership allows Washington Hospital to benefit from being part of a larger healthcare network without giving up our own identity and our all-important local control. This partnership will enhance the care we can provide locally while making it easier for residents to be referred to UCSF, if needed, and it paves the way for locally expanded access to specialized physicians. We will share best practices to further improve quality of care and reduce costs. This new partnership also will help us navigate the rapidly changing healthcare environment resulting from new state and federal mandates, particularly the Accountable Care Act (ACA) now being implemented by the federal government. We are excited to undertake this collaboration with UCSF while still retaining local control for the benefit of our patients and district residents.

Another important innovation is the remodeling and expansion of our Biplane Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory and Radiology Room. These projects include a Biplane Cath Lab, two full-size Cath Labs, as well upgrading the radiology rooms and adding a 64-slice CT scanner. This is an essential upgrade that provides life-saving cutting-edge technology for our patients, significantly improving patient outcomes and our ability to save lives.

Finally, the work of all those at Washington Hospital continues to be recognized by a variety of organizations for the quality of care we provide. These awards reflect Washington Hospital’s continuing commitment to providing the very best health care for our community.

Nancy Farber, CEO
Washington Hospital Healthcare System

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